It's not every day you get your own professional Wedding DJ, why not choose one that works with you? If you consider quality entertainment to be an important part of your wedding day, and we think you should, then we can probably help! Your wedding day is like no other and will be one of the most significant moments in your entire life. It is a joyous occasion filled with fun, romance, family and friends. This unique day should be forever etched in your mind. Just as every wedding is beautifully unique, so is every wedding reception. With our musical knowledge and instinctive ability to pick that all important 'next' track, combined with our professional presentation style, we like to think we play a small role in being part of your big day. Upon an initial enquiry we often get asked if we can supply some playlists from other weddings we have been to, our answer is always the same - every wedding we have DJ'ed at has been different, and most of the time the client has had some input in what they would like to hear, we simply don't have a standard playlist for weddings, or in fact any parties or events we DJ at. In fact, music wise, we offer you as little or as much input as you like, and we're happy to offer advice on how we can integrate specific genre sets into the evening, appeasing your guests despite vast, potential age differences.
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